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How to write three-dimensional characters

Characters are arguably the most important aspect of any story, and they're annoyingly easy to get wrong. Flat, uninteresting characters can ruin a book, no matter how great your plot is. Your readers aren't going to feel fully immersed in the story if they're seeing it though the eyes of a cardboard cutout. However, great… Continue reading How to write three-dimensional characters

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It’s been a while

So, what's going on with my stories? I am currently working on a trilogy of stories, set in the same world but revolving around different characters. The trilogy's title is The Unbound Saga. Book 1:┬áThe Thief's Pardon TTP is going off to an editor really soon. I'm already so proud of this story, and I… Continue reading It’s been a while

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The New Year Self Sabotage Monster

Happy New Year one and all! This time of year is good for one of two things, setting goals and sneering at people who set goals. I'm a goal setter. I want to lose the weight I've gained since moving to the US, drink less caffeine (I got into the habit of drinking diet coke… Continue reading The New Year Self Sabotage Monster