Vixens Rock

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Vixens Rock: 1

She came to the mountains for silence.

He came to make noise.

When Beth rents a mountainside cabin to focus on her art, the last person on earth she wants sharing her retreat is a drummer from a metal band. Finn is big, bearded, and tattooed, irritating and irresistible in equal measure. But when a storm forces them together, Beth and Finn soon find the tension between them is enough to shake the mountain to rubble, and that their hearts may not beat to such different rhythms after all.

Content guidance: This book contains consensual on-page sex (both penetrative and oral), characters drinking alcohol, mentions of food, and swearing

Child-Free HEA


Vixens Rock: 2

She wants no strings, he wants to be bound.

When Jordan finds she has a crush on her bandmate she knows she needs a distraction. Fortunately, the moment she lays eyes on a handsome stranger, she can’t look anywhere else. Étienne is gorgeous, thickset, confident, and magnetic and has the kind of face she wants to spend half her life kissing, the other half sitting on. But Jordan swore she would never fall for another musician, and Étienne is set to join Vixen’s Wail as a guest vocalist.

Étienne has no intention of being a consolation prize. After rejecting her no-strings proposition, Étienne finds he and Jordan keep being drawn together, trying to navigate rehearsals and recordings while fighting their growing desire for each other.

But when their relationship is put to the test, they must learn to trust each other, or watch their new found love unravel.

Content guidance: The heroine of this story has an asshole ex boyfriend. There are a couple of mentions of him being emotionally abusive and causing property damage.

The hero of this story enjoys being tied up during sex and there are several scenes of on-page sex where his movements are restricted, including one face-sitting scene. All of this is enthusiastic and consensual.

This book also contains instances of panic attacks and stage-fright, characters eating food and drinking alcohol, and swearing.

Child-free HEA


Vixens Rock: Book 3.

She wants to break free.

He’s afraid he’s already too broken.

Liz Larkin never wanted to be a rock star. After almost a decade playing the keyboard for Vixen’s Wail, she’s desperate to pursue the career she always dreamed of. As a massage therapist, Liz could make a real difference to peoples’ lives, if only she could summon the courage to leave behind the world she knows. But when she collides with a big, bearded, ill-tempered, and irresistible roadie backstage at a festival, she sees a fitting end to her rock star life. Before she tells the Vixens she’s leaving, she intends to go out with a bang. What she doesn’t expect is to find love in the form of a grumpy roadie.

Jones has spent his life alone, hiding behind a sullen shield, priding himself on his unapproachable, fearsome façade. The physical pain he has suffered for years is nothing compared to the pain in his heart, but when Liz, a beautiful, curvaceous rock star, sees through his armor, he finds that the parts of himself which terrify even him, aren’t enough to scare her away. What begins as a quick backstage tryst unfolds into something far more devastating, and far more tender, than anything he’s ever allowed himself to feel.

Content Guidance: The hero of this story had a rough childhood with an emotionally abusive father and an absent mother, and deals with the aftermath of that throughout the story, including with cognitive behavioral therapy. He also suffers from chronic sciatica, for which he takes pain medication.

This story contains several scenes of on-page sex, some dominance play, characters drinking alcohol, swearing, and animals in a shelter.

Child-free and marriage-free HEA


Virtuoso, mogul, and suspected vampire…

Armand Corvo’s life revolves around music, but he craves quiet and solitude. That changes when gifted and beautiful Elise Ripley walks back into his life and he quickly finds himself unable to keep his eyes, or his thoughts, from her. With Vixen’s Wail competing for his financial support, it becomes impossible to avoid Elise; especially once she becomes their new keyboardist. As business and pleasure tangle, feelings Armand thought he was no longer capable of cloud his judgment. Giving into their desires could cost his and Elise’s reputation in the music industry, and destroy the chances of Vixen’s Wail ever being considered a legitimate success.

Then again, love is worth risking it all for.

At the sound of Armand Corvo’s voice, the desires Elise Ripley has held at bay for ten years come crashing back. Armand was always the stern, mysterious subject of her fantasies; older, wealthy, and with a husky body built for filling door frames. But as Armand opens up to Elise, she finds the reality of the man far better and so much more vulnerably human than she ever imagined.

Please note the following content guidance for Encore: this book contains scenes which depict work related anxiety, light bondage, spanking, on-page sex, characters drinking alcohol and eating food. It ends with a child-free HEA