Hearts of Blackmere

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When feisty chambermaid Annora, is imprisoned in a dungeon for striking her noble lord and master, she wastes no time in formulating a plan to escape. Unfortunately, that plan involves bringing her odious, yet undeniably handsome fellow prisoner, Henry Percille, along with her. Before long, desire overcomes irritation and the cracks in Henry’s armor begin to expose the man he truly is. He may be a monster, but it would take nothing less to tempt her.

Henry Percille, the disgraced champion once known as the Dragon, sat in a dungeon for ten years, haunted by his crimes. But when a foul-tempered chambermaid is thrown into the opposite cell, he finds not only freedom, but also his match. Annora is beautiful, grumpy, and vicious, yet he can’t seem to convince himself to be rid of her no matter how hard he tries. When danger closes in, Henry becomes all that stands between her and the nobleman who wants them both dead. He must choose between vengeance or his glorious harpy- the woman he burns for.

Content guidance (potential spoilers): the main characters of this story are definitely on the darker grey end of the morality scale, and the book includes potentially triggering scenes of violence, blood, death, and one instance of the heroine being whipped with a riding crop. There are scenes with characters eating food, drinking alcohol, and using bad language. For a portion of the story, the hero intends to ride out to meet his death and has thoughts of the world being better off without him. However, he does not go through with the plan.

There are multiple explicit scenes of vaginal, oral, and anal sex (in all instances of anal sex, the hero is enthusiastically receiving and the heroine is eagerly giving.)

This story ends with a child-free and marriage-free happily ever after.

The Lady’s Champion

Hearts of Blackmere: Book 1.

“I’m not gentle with you because I doubt your strength, my lady, but because I know the full extent of mine.”

A slow-burn fantasy romance with a plus sized hero and heroine.

Content guidance: The antagonist of this story makes jokes at the expense of the hero’s weight. However, the heroine is wildly attracted to the hero just as he is, and participates in enthusiastic and consensual on-page sex (and face-sitting) with him.

Several people are killed in this story and there are mentions of blood and bodies. There are also mentions of food and alcohol.

The hero of the story has had a vasectomy and the story has a child-free HFN

The Champion’s Desire

Hearts of Blackmere: Book 2

Can forbidden love overcome the pull of duty and tradition?

Natalie and Brandon head to the Champion’s Guild to find the one who betrayed them.

Content guidance: there are several derogatory comments made about the hero’s weight. The heroine is still very much besotted with him and they have consensual, enthusiastic on-page sex.

There are mentions of food, alcohol, blood and fighting.

The hero has had a vasectomy and this story has a child-free HEA

Forever His Champion

Hearts of Blackmere: Book 3

“I’ve faced the meanest, toughest warriors in Aldland, I’ve been stabbed and sliced and lanced, but I never trembled until I met you.”

Natalie and Brandon are called back to the Champion’s Guild, and presented with an opportunity they can’t say no to.

Content Guidance: this book is steamier than the first two. There are several scenes of consensual, enthusiastic on-page sex, including one where the heroine is tied up.

There are comments about the hero’s weight, references to a nobleman taking advantage of a servant, drinking, eating, fighting, blood, and death. There is also an on-page panic attack.

The hero has had a vasectomy and this story has a child-free HEA