M.L. Eliza

M.L. Eliza is the pen name under which I publish my steamier bonkers romance books.

No Getting Ogre You

I’m lost in him, consumed by him. Knowing that he could snap me in half in a second, grind my bones to make his bread, thrills me more than it should. He could gobble me up in an instant.

Lucky me that he just wants to eat me out instead.


Lost on the Appalachian Trail, Jaquelyn falls head-over-heels (literally) into an ogre’s lair. She should be terrified of the enormous horned monster, but he turns out to be a surprisingly gentle green giant, and soon the fact that he and Jaquelyn don’t understand each other no longer matters. Sure, he may be a monster, but he’s also the best lover she’s ever had, and there are definitely fates worse than spending the rest of your life in a thick-monster-king’s love cave.

Abandoned by his clan, Crug forms an instant bond with the strange surface creature who falls through his roof. But as much as he adores her, and as good as she makes him feel, he knows cannot keep her. Before long, Crug will have to choose between his home and clan, and the love of his life.


No Getting Ogre You is a short, steamy romance between a human woman and a male monster with a Happily Ever After and lots of happy endings. Content guidance for blood, bones, a spider, the dark, explicit monster love and swearing.

Santa Claus is Going to Town On Me.

I’ve always hated Christmas, but this year will be different, because this year, I’m going to fuck Santa Claus


When Holly wakes up on Christmas Eve to find an intruder in her home, she does what anyone else would; grabs her replica medieval broadsword and sneaks downstairs to deal with him.

But he isn’t a burglar. He wears a big red coat, big brown boots, and his big round belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. He’s Santa Claus. He’s thick. And he’s HOT.
What begins as a simple misunderstanding, develops into a passion Holly never knew she needed, with a man who knows her every want and desire. But Holly has a secret, one she can’t ever let Claus discover; the true reason she hates Christmas.

Content Warning: Loss of a parent, mentions of a car accident, grief and guilt.