About the Author.


Marie writes romance books with plus-sized heroes and heroines. She is the author of the Hearts of Blackmere series, including The Lady’s Champion and The Harpy and the Dragon, as well as the Vixens Rock series. She also writes more bonkers romance as M.L. Eliza, and her novellas No Getting Ogre You and Santa Claus is Going to Town On Me were both nominated in the 2021 Swoon Awards.

She was born in Bolton, in the North West of England. After getting a bit taller, she attended The University of Cumbria, confusingly located in Lancaster, UK.

She studied Drama as her major, but needed to take a minor. In a spectacularly on-brand move, she left it to the last minute to look into things, and creative writing seemed the easiest choice (hahaha!)

Eventually, she realized drama was not for her, but loved creative writing. She went on to study creative writing at a postgraduate level and just never stopped setting herself homework.

Marie now lives in Virginia, USA, with her husband, Jacob,  her dog, Alfie, Jacob’s dog, Belle, and Merlin the bearded dragon. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found playing the same three video games on a loop (*cough* Dragon Age)

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